Old Ocean Studio

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                    The Healing Gardens of Sculpture and Totems 

                                       are waiting for you at 

                                      OLD OCEAN STUDIO! 


Our mission is to create for every person an environment of peace and tranquility to be embraced daily; an atmosphere to calm the mind, body, soul and spirit.


Here at Old Ocean Studio, we create

unique pieces of Garden Sculpture, from the contemplative and formal

to the casual and whimsical! 

At the beginning of, or the end of each day, everyone deserves a place of refreshing. Allow us to help you create your quiet corner of the world. 

As a client of Old Ocean Studio, you may choose one or more of our existing Garden Sculptures, or you may wish to have yours custom designed.

We are able to create our Garden Sculptures and Totems with a wide variety of materials, and appealing to a broad spectrum of interests.  You may wish to design a themed garden using both our Garden Sculptures and our Stone Steppers to create a particular ambiance and reflect your personal style. 

Old Ocean Studio has the ability as well to incorporate personal and sentimental elements into your design.  Perhaps you have treasured porcelain or art glass stored away that you would love to display.  We can re-purpose your pieces to create a family heirloom; up-cycle your beloved items to the realm of fine art, sure to be treasured by future generations! 

               Together we can create your healing garden; a place of peace, wellness, wholeness, strength and restoration.

                                                         We hope you enjoy your stroll through the

                                                                       OLD OCEAN STUDIO Healing Gardens.  

                                                                                     Feel free to visit anytime...and often!





Old Ocean Studio is launching an exciting new project!  We are inviting all our friends to join us in reaching hurting and broken people when they need support the most.  Thank you in advance for your kindness and consideration.


  The HEALING SCULPTURE PROJECT is the creation of Old Ocean Studio located in Marshfield, MA.  Old Ocean Studio creates unique, one-of-a-kind glass sculptures.  The mission of The HEALING SCULPTURE PROJECT is the creation of uplifting, inspiring, healing spaces utilizing Old Ocean Studio's glass sculptures. Our desire is to donate our sculptures to facilities dealing in long term care for veterans, children, seniors, as well as hospitals, and trauma/rehabilitation center healing gardens, and family homes for out-of-town families visiting patients.  Our goal is to create healing experiences and healing spaces in facilities that care for hurting people.

   We have witnessed first hand the reaction of the public to Old Ocean Studio sculptures.  We have discovered that no matter the age of the viewer, the response is one of pure joy. Physiologically, a joyful emotion releases endorphins which positively accelerate the healing process.  It is our desire as artists to contribute to that process and the healing atmosphere of the spaces available to both patients and their loved ones.  Ultimately, our goal is to lift spirits and heal broken and hurting souls through healing sculpture garden/solarium spaces.

   Old Ocean Studio will donate our sculptures, as many as possible, to as many facilities as possible, according to the monetary support we receive.  Your financial support will help defer the costs of the packing and handling of the glass sculptures.  It will also help to cover the costs of shipping and delivery of our sculptures to their various destinations.  

   Our initial goal is to raise $7000.00, however, our desire is to continuously create and distribute our sculptures, ultimately continuing this program indefinitely, with your support.  We will update our mission partners with photo updates and uplifting accounts of our interactions with the recipients of our sculptures.

   Our sculptures may be viewed on our website: oldoceanstudio.com and on our Facebook page: Old Ocean Studio.  We truly believe we are called to spread as much peace and healing to as many hurting people as possible. Should you feel as we do, please join our HEALING SCULPTURE PROJECT.  Old Ocean Studio thanks you for your consideration and support.          

Please visit our Go Fund Me link:


            "For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible..."  Col 1:16

                                                         " crystal blue persuasion "

                                                                  We have five pieces showing at, Roadside Redemption,

                                                          168 Court Street, Plymouth, MA  www.RoadsideRedemption.com


               Please go to the top of the page and visit "Totems 1", "Totems 2", and "Totems 3" to see more of our Garden Sculpture.

                                                                   "Tuscan Spring"